Making sure voters are protected

  • Ensure that the Board of Elections has adequate polling locations for easy access to all neighborhoods. If a polling site is to be moved, a written explanation must be given to the County Legislature and at least 6 months’ notice must be given to voters.
  • The creation of an oversite ethics coordinator that reports to the County Legislature to ensure that all information requests are handled in a timely matter, that all trainings are properly done for poll inspectors and all data is properly maintained.
  • Assure that there are enough ballots available for every voter at every polling location in a timely manner

Getting Vacant and Abandoned Buildings Back on the Tax Rolls

  • Make sure that the County can begin and complete foreclosure processes in a timely fashion by tracking backlog and increasing staff where necessary, getting blighted buildings transferred to the land bank efficiently.
  • Do a cost benefit study on the economic benefits of the Land Bank and allocate additional money annually to maximize the return on investment, while eliminating blight
  • Create a match grant program with the county and the locality for historic buildings in land bank possession of up to $15,000 from each. The eligibility and amount of the grant will be determined by the land bank and a locality representative that evaluates what amount of money is missing from existing grants and historic tax credits to put a historic property back on the tax rolls.
  • Create a vacant storefront matching grant of up to $10,000 for small retail businesses. The locality would have to create an approved program and identify eligible businesses.

Invest in Pedestrian Infrastructure and Green Infrastructure

  • Build on the success of the rail trail and add to cross municipality bike and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Develop a gap fund program for local municipalities who have been awarded state or federal aid to pursue such projects but for whom the local cost burden remains too high
  • Do a facility review to make sure all buildings that the County owns are energy efficient

Rehab and Treatment Center Reform

  • Create a metric that establishes density of treatment, rehab and other county regulated facilities in each community.
    Where possible, limit the number of facilities allowed in each community based on density
  • Any community that has a disproportionate amount or a high density of these facilities should be given additional financial resources for emergency response and beautification
  • Create a program with the Sheriff’s office to track those in the criminal justice system due to addiction and empower the Sheriff to coordinate with county social services to help individuals overcome addiction.
    Fighting addiction will cut recidivism
    Improve Coordination between the County and the City of Albany LEAD program

Create a Grant Committee

  • Create a group led by the County with local Mayors and Supervisors to jointly apply for cost saving grants from the state and federal government.
  • The group would publish and advocate for an annual prioritized project list
  • The group will also help local communities apply for grants if they lack the staff or expertise